Online Keno History

Most online games played in casinos are developed from real games. These games are played since many years and provide players excitement, entertainment and also monetary gain. Keno had its origin in China. Soon after, it became very popular and found its way in the live casinos. Due to its extreme popularity, it is not offered in most of the online casinos. The history of keno in China can be dated back between 187B.C. and 205B.C. This game developed the most during the rule of Has Dynasty. At that time, there was ongoing a war and the state's treasury had no resources at all.

During this period, a man named Cheung chalked out a great plan. He developed a game wherein small bets were required to be placed at a particular time by large number of people. Keno history reveals that numbers were not used at that time unlike today, where it is played with numbers. Previously, characters were selected from poem titled The Thousand Character Classic . All of these characters basically were simple and included sun, dew, clouds and some other symbols that are recognizable easily. All the people of China began placing bets on such characters. This game became widely popular and courier pigeons started delivering news of winning characters, which were drawn.

This game, thereafter, was referred as White Pigeon Game. In 1850, this game came to US and gained immense popularity too. In US, this game was known as Chinese Lottery due to the use of Chinese characters. In France also, this game gathered interest of the people and was called Quine meaning five. Soon, it got its new name and that is Keno and is popular now today by this name only. It has become a leading gambling game played worldwide in most online casinos. This game provides to the players large rewards.